Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Working Wardrobe 8th December

We've had a cold snap this last week, so I've been reaching for cosy fabrics.  No suede shoes for work either, as there has been a lot of driving rain, so it's been boots all the way.

This week I only have three work outfits to share, as I didn't get around to photographing one of them, but as a bonus outfit I'm sharing what I wore to my yoga class Christmas party.

Working wardrobe 8th December

Monday: Jumper dress, Jaeger via outlet.  Boots, Jones the Bootmaker.
Tuesday: Dress, Next via car boot sale.  F&F boots, via car boot sale.  Floral print tights, Primark.
Wednesday: Not photographed.
Thursday: Italian mohair dress, charity shop.  Boots, J Shoes.
Friday: Yoga party!  Dress, Promod.  Necklace, old.  Sparkly star tights, M&S outlet.  Shoes, Clarks via Ebay.

Working wardrobe 8th December
You can see the sparkly nature of the tights much better in this photo - an M&S outlet bargain.

We went to the local rugby club for the Christmas party.  For international readers, I'll explain that it's not where people play rugby, it's the 'clubhouse' where the players drink afterwards, often in a pub type building away from the playing fields.  The bars are generally very cheap, and the clubs serve as party venues for the community, hosting anything from birthdays to weddings.  This particular rugby club has benefited from some funding, and was the poshest one I've ever been to, all modern and swish.  The food was excellent and the booze indeed cheap!

I don't know the other people from the class very well, but I forced myself to go as one of those "it will be good for you" things to do, to stop me becoming a hermit.  I've only been living in the area for a year so it's good to meet more local people, and they really are a nice bunch.

Have you been to any Christmas parties this year with social clubs you belong to?

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Vintage Residential Architecture

Wherever I go, I love to wander around a new neighbourhood and look at the range of architecture.  Looking at residences rather than public buildings is more fun to me.  I can more easily imagine myself living in a Georgian terrace, a Victorian mansion, or a 1930's semi-detached.  Here are the buildings that caught my eye on a rather blustery walk around a residential area in Swansea, here in South Wales.

These Victorian mansions have been left to crumble, as the right price for a sale hasn't been reached.  It's so sad to see buildings like these wither away, they would have been glorious.  The average house price on this street is £617,000 according to Zoopla.

Vintage Architecture in Swansea

Friday, 12 December 2014

My Mother's Wedding Dress

In the 1970s, my parents were fairly trendy.  I have seen the photos of my Dad in Elvis-like sunglasses, and my Mum in bell-bottoms and huge floppy hats.  They extended their trendy tastes to their wedding outfits, with my Dad wearing a blue suit, and my Mum wearing a maxi dress with matching hat.

My Mother's 1977 Wedding Dress

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Working Wardrobe: 1st December

I think this might be a new feature over the winter months!  I'm back again with what I wore to work last week.

working wardrobe 1st dec

These are the first 'selfies' with my new camera, a few focusing issues but already a massive improvement, as it seems to cope admirably with the low light levels on these dark mornings and represent colours much more accurately.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Attic Treasure

I use the word 'treasure' in a tongue-in-cheek way, because on our recent foray into the attic, we didn't find any antique vases, stashes of gold or chests of jewels.

Attic Treasure

Friday, 5 December 2014

Three New To Me Dresses!

The other day, I came home with yet more dresses.  Sigh.  Even when I'm not particularly looking, they seem to find me and hitch a lift home.

First up is this Asos midi dress (£1, car boot sale), in a lovely orange colour with black print.  If I don't wear it any other time, it could be a good Halloween dress for the office.  It has a bit of an '80s vibe on, I don't know why.

New dresses

Next is a plunging neckline dress by French Connection (£1, community shop).  I am not sure if I'm brave enough to display that much of my unimpressive decolletage, but it feels boho fabulous.

New dresses

Finally, this Simply Vera Wang dress (£2.50, community shop) is a tad big under the arms but that should be a quick fix, and it promises to be a versatile dress.  It looks great on, you probably can't tell much from the hanger shot.  A friend of mine has this exact same dress, she bought it about ten years ago from TK Maxx.

New dresses

Oh, I also came home with a new camera?!  From John Lewis though, not the car boot sale or community shop.  I've been hankering after a DSLR for a while, but in the end I've taken the advice of some professional photographer friends and bought a 'mirrorless' or 'compact system camera' instead.  I will let you see some test shots as soon as I've had a chance to practice with it (haven't taken it out of the box yet, these snaps are with my old trusty compact), but it promises great things, and maybe you won't have to suffer those dimly lit selfies anymore!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Working Wardrobe: 24th November

I'm back with another roundup of what I've been wearing to work.

working wardrobe 24th nov

Last week saw the biggest change to my personal style in years, in the form of a new hairdo!  I went to the hairdresser armed with a picture of French blogger Pandora, and had a blunt fringe cut in.  I also had a bit of feathering around the face because I thought that might be more flattering on me than having it all one length.  I'm so pleased with it!  I feel a bit more '60s, and a lot sexier.  It's more work in terms of maintenance.  When I get up in the morning, my hair resembles that of '80s children's TV presenter Sarah Greene.  So I have to get the straighteners out and tame it into submission.  A small price to pay.

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