Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Red Hot Buffet World Cardiff Review

I was delighted to win a meal for two at Cardiff's Red Hot Buffet World, as part of my runner's up prize from Capital FM at St David's Ladies Night, for not winning the big prize of a trip to New York.  Who needs New York, when you can travel the world's cuisine in one restaurant?

Looking at their website, I was impressed with the range of dishes on offer, with a good offering of vegetarian options, gluten free, halal, etc.  I eat low carb and it seemed from the website that this wasn't going to be a problem at all.

I then read lots of online reviews, and my delight turned to trepidation.  A free meal, is nonetheless a free meal, and so I thought we had better find out for ourselves what the experience was like.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Dig for Victory!

I do hope you've had a good Easter weekend?  I've been quiet, I know - that's because I've been spending all my time outside, preparing the garden for the months ahead!  It's been challenging at times, especially not knowing what all those plants are popping up everywhere in our new-to-us garden, and on more than one occasion I have dug up a 'weed' only to discover it's some rare and highly prized species of rose!!  It's a steep learning curve and I've never spent so much time on Google searching for things other than clothes.

Here are some pictures of the blooming loveliness that's been surrounding us.  I've spent most days in old jeans and a t-shirt, digging furiously.  We have planted a herb garden, an apple tree, bulbs for next Spring, and have begun work on the veg patch.  It's back-breaking work, but I am enjoying it immensely.  We've never been to bed so early, gosh it's exhausting.

Hurry up little seeds and grow! (old eggboxes make perfect seed trays!), and that's a cut glass dressing table tray underneath catching any water.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Did I Wear It? Was It Worth It?

You may recall that in February I felt I had purchased a few too many things, and felt like a hoarder for not wearing existing things in my wardrobe.  I then read an article in Vogue that tracked a few women and their purchases over a season to see how many times they wore each item.  This inspired me to keep a tally of my own purchases.  You can see the original post here.

Today I'm back with the results!  Below is a list of the items that I had bought back in February, and there's a tally next to each indicating how many times I've actually worn them.

Monday, 14 April 2014

The Secret of French Dressing: My Favourite Style Tip

Do you ever wish you could be a little more 'French'?  Regular readers of this blog will know that I have a bit of an obsession with French beauty and style.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that looks at French women and thinks 'why can't I look like that?!'.  Younger French women look chic and trendy but never overblown, whereas older French women look classic, but never outdated.  They move with the times but always remember the core of what good dressing is all about.  French dressing is about the balance of classic elegance and being fashion forward, all fused together with that 'je ne sais quoi'.

My Favourite Style Tip - Their Secret is My Secret!
So, what's the secret?  And yes, there is a secret.  I've read all of the books to find out what it is, from 'French Women Don't Get Fat', to 'Two Lipsticks and a Lover'.  I have an impressive collection of French beauty products.  I've read interviews with French style icons such as Audrey Tatou and Charlotte Gainsbourg, and I've shopped French, buying clothes from affordable retailers available in the UK. So here is my number one style tip, even if you're not trying to be more French, it's a tip to help you be more stylish!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Vintage Inspired Bargains: Peacock's

I'm back with more vintage inspired bargains from British shops - this time it's Peacocks' turn!

Poor Peacocks, I really loved the direction they were heading in, with lots of vintage style inspiration since they took Pearl Lowe on board as a designer, but then the company went bust and after a tricky period they were bought out by the Edinburgh Woollen Mill.

I wasn't sure if the EWM would try and take Peacocks in a new direction completely, but I popped to a local store recently and was pleasantly surprised - absolutely oodles of vintage style clothes, all at a snip.

I was also super impressed to see many of their garments now proudly showing a 'Made in Britain' tag.  Good for them.

Here again is my experience in the fitting rooms - some of it turned out surprisingly well, others were a poor fit.  Read on to find out which were the winners!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Historic Buildings YOU Could Live In

A couple of comments from readers on my 'Langland Bay' post got me thinking the other day.  We're really spoilt with historic buildings here in the UK, and whilst I think we sometimes take our architectural backdrop for granted, most of us are very curious as to what these buildings look like on the inside, particularly if the novelty is that they've been turned into luxury apartments.

May I present then, a peek inside a selection of historic buildings that now anyone one of us - if we had the budget - could own a slice of!  All of these are in South Wales, but there are certainly very similar buildings across the whole of the UK, you can bet your money on it.

The former 1930s hospital at Hayes Point, Sully has a selection of apartments up for sale, all fairly spacious and with wonderful seaviews.  I've spotted a 2 bed apartment for £199,950.  The grounds are pretty fabulous, and although the complex has been subject to lots of rennovations, there are still some original features around the building if you hunt for them!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Vintage Inspired Bargains: Sainsbury's

Hello vintage lovers!  Have you made any Spring purchases yet?  No?  I am always a bit slow, waiting for the first lot of sales generally before I make any vintage-inspired purchases from the good old British high street.  My guilty pleasure is supermarkets though - their prices make an injection of fashion much more affordable, and more economical time-wise if you can do your weekly food shop at the same time!

I recently popped to Sainsbury's to see what vintage inspiration they might offer.  Here is what I found - from the ill-fitting to the super stylish.  Take heed of my words and you need not do battle with the changing rooms.  Excuse the lighting - I went into a well-lit changing room first, but the door didn't close, so I had to swap!

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